Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Training the Female Athlete

See how some of the world's leading sports coaches and trainer's design their programs specifically for training female athletes.

Get an inside look from elite coaches like Stephen Holt, Ryan Lee, Alwyn Cosgrove, Erin Perry, Jeremy Boone and Brian Grasso, and other top trainers as they give you their secrets on:

- the correct way to assess your athletes
- quick and easy ways to improve speed and agility
- little known secrets to ACL injury prevention
- how to increase conditioning and strength levels in any female athlete
- the truth about core development
- new ways to get your female athletes to improve nutrition and maximize performance
- how to avoid the 3 most common injuries facing female athletes


As you know or have found out, the way you approach training males and training females is not the same. Physical attributes are not the same so their programs should not be either.
The Female Strength Training guide gave me new tips and strategiesto use and implement in my program that I was using for training myfemale athletes.

You might recognize the sports coaches names above.I have recommended and used myself, other products from them. This is because I truly trust and respect their top quality information (and even better, it works!)

If you work with female athletes or have a female athlete in your family, you need to check out this resource: